From a single and unique platform, Healthcare Practitioners will be able to
maintain a high level of consultations per day while increasing the satisfaction of their patients.

The pandemic has forced the entire healthcase system to re-invent itself to better serve the population. CactusMD can definitely help by reducing administrative charges and time through integrated technologies.

You can perform a list of tasks that will be automated and will help you reduce significantly administrative time:

Publish your online availabilities for your patients.

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By posting your online availability, your patients will be able to book a consultation on their own using our calendar sharing functionality.

See and talk with your patients more safely.

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Using our integrated video conferencing no downloads and required. Enjoy a seamless video consultation with your patients from anywhere.

Prepare electronic prescriptions and requisitions automatically in no time.

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Using CactusMD’s pre-loaded automated forms, preparing prescriptions and requisitions is a couple of mouse clicks away. Have access to create your own templates for even greater time savings.

Update your patients’ medical records and access it directly from the CactusMD portal.

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Use our EMR system to record, document and organize all your patients’ medical history and consultation notes.

Produce various daily reports.

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See your activities and financial reports from our reporting module.

Submit your claims to the public healthcare and /or private insurance.

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CactusMD will assist you in submitting your claims and produce invoices to the public or private sectors, using our invoicing module.

Patient document sharing with your colleague if necessary.

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Need to pass on a patient note to a colleague for a follow up? Use our Clinic Group function module to share patient notes and request a follow up consultation.