Your Health is our top priority

CactusMD brings together patients, family doctors & specialists through innovative technologies so it becomes easier to book a consultation online and in clinic for you or your family members.

We believe in a long lasting relationship between the patient and his family doctor, based on trust, honesty and accessibility.

With CactusMD, you can do more than ever

Scheduling time to see your doctor has never been easier. Review your doctor’s schedule, pick a time and you’re booked for a consultation in no time. CactusMD works with both Public and Private healthcare. One simple and unique platform that will simplify your family’s healthcare needs.

Schedule an emergency consultation at the earliest available time.

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You need to see a doctor urgently? Use our Find Earliest Time button and book a consultation with one of our registered doctors.

Access your consultation history.

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Need to know when was the last time you saw your doctor? CactusMD keeps track of your consultation history, prescriptions, requisitions and personal notes for you and your family members.

Automatically receive and send your prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

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After your consultation, your prescription will be sent automatically to your preferred pharmacy.

See your doctors online schedule for virtual or in-clinic consultations.

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Your doctor’s shared calendar will be available and will allow you to find the best date and time that fits your schedule

Schedule an appointment at your convenience from your mobile device.

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Secure the date and time in your agenda directly from CactusMD’s mobile application or your web-portal.

Add your family members to the program.

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You want to subscribe all your family members on CactusMD? Use our family plan saving program for each member of your family and you will be able to provide them a confidential access on CactusMD at their convenience.